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Digital researcher and consultant focused on entrepreneurial skills development in the digital content automation and communication space. I focus on contextual design, and semantic relevancy and help translate our findings into digital search strategy. I add value to entrepreneurs who want to lauch digital marketing and sales assets through my expensive knowledge of the technical environment, internet search, and content engineering with specificity and focus.

Managing Digital Reality

The digital space we’re colonizing as beings is a complex situation for personal management of responsible life - our attention has become a commodity, and the tech trade has the minds of men captured. It's becoming increasingly clear that people get themselves trapped in technical structures - a unconscious and repetitive feedback loop. Desire for greater things but stuck spinning their wheels.

Through personal strife we come to an understanding about things in the world, about ambitions of grandeur to the service to others. Can we be entrepreneurs AND invest into the business of others in such a ways that it forms a harmonious and advancing force? Since when have we believed that doing it all by ourselves is the answer to harmony with others?

Fortunately we have a superpower - digital automation allows a future payoff by showing others how they can create and manage their digital presence, by themselves, from a strategic inner core perspective and point of view. It's only when we realize the power of our position as the center of reality do things change in any way. We're commanded by the structures we have internalized.

One structure that unites all structures.

If you're stuck with myriads of ideas streaming through your head then realize that you may be stuck in some internalized feedback loop based on a structure with open oscillations. This is geek talk for a concept that limits the actions of individuals. We find these structures for people and align them with a centrally shared core value.

John Deacon

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Cognitive Ergonomics and Design-led Innovation

6 days ago in Design

Dr Céline Mougenot’s research aims at developing design tools and design methods to enhance designers’ creativity, to facilitate interpersonal collaboration in design projects and to support co-design activities with users. She is also interested in the assessment of user experience.

Her roles at Imperial College include coordinating the “Solo Project” module on the Design Engineering M.Eng. programme and tutoring on Innovation Design Engineering programme jointly run with the Royal College of Art.

More info:

Cognitive Ergonomics

6 days ago in News

Cognitive ergonomics (sometimes known as cognitive engineering though this was an earlier field) is an emerging branch of ergonomics which places particular emphasis on the analysis of cognitive processes required of operators in modern industries and similar milieus.

Examples include diagnosis, workload, situation awareness, decision making, and planning. Cognitive ergonomics aims at enhancing performance of cognitive tasks by means of several interventions, including these:

– user-centered design of human-machine interaction and human-computer interaction (HCI);
– design of information technology systems that support cognitive tasks (e.g., cognitive artifacts);
– development of training programs;
– work redesign to manage cognitive workload and increase human reliability.



Cognitive Ergonomics



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