Be specific about what you want, and what you do; and transform your digital world.

Know your VALUE! A small, yet critical point of differentiation in a fluid marketplace now digitally amplified, more certainty and control is required to keep the communications channel valuable and meaningful for business.

Critical point differentiation and guiding principles from the wisdom of communication in our current era is needed for lean and agile decision making in a digital world of value communications.

Control your digital communications, cultivate value, and create solid business results.

Digital content creation, automation, and management workflows need critical quality control to generate resonant messaging that amplifies real world communication with an audience who are a perfect fit for your product or service - no more guesswork!

You'll gain the ability to amplify your product or services message with full force and focus while its quality is perfectly in your control. No more poor results because you're sounding like everyone else. You need a unique voice and powerful resonance.

Visionary Leadership Coaching

Gain full control over your personal and business situation and chart a direction towards the results you want to create. The visionary creative process stands separate from any issues you think might stand in your way, and success is independent of what you might deem possible.

Let me help you develop and integral awareness in the digital world of personal and professional communication towards the outcomes in your grasp.

Systems Developed

A unique set of systems and tools to help your sovereign command of communication in this digital medium

Cyber Systems

Turnkey entrepreneurial business management, marketing, and sales systems.


Cyber Kinesis

Contextual value creation and meta-coding for enhanced digital communication.



Cyber Schematics

Contextual content engineering for amplified marketing and sales performance.



Seriously, if you have a solid business and want to extend your value offering into the digital marketplace, but not sure where to begin to put it all together, then I have the perfect starting point for you.

No more spinning wheels, wasting time, or bleeding money with incompetent industry professionals. It's time to get on track, chart your course and successful transition into digital space.

It's not the same for everyone, people are unique, and so are their measures for quality, control, and success in general.

We'll find your perfect fit to make it a reality. We embrace the tide of change because we're equipped with surf and sail, knowing what comes next.

John Deacon
Vision Coach/Consultant

Drastically reduce the time it takes to move from initial idea to full digital visibility with my critical point analytical process.

What I do in a nutshell...

I help clients simplify digital creative processes by aligning their core values with semantic meaning, and use the power of Google natural language recognition to identify user attention and intention and linguistically match the result.

We use the power of Google to your advantage of both creator and user for a harmonious flow of communication - after all, it's made up of words weaved in patterns and identified through keywords. The negative aspect of what we do is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and focuses on manipulation of the algorithm (hacking) to gain an unfair advantage because they lack in expressive value.

For those thinking that SEO is a necessity, then consider its opposite. If you knew what Google wanted, why not give it to them the way it's meant to operate. Someone needs to be first page, or #1, and it will be the qualitative content websites. Simple.

Quality will always rule over quantity - that's the essence of market value.

Don't feed the digital dragon, it's a monster. There are no quick fixes, or magic bullets. The secret is not the technical tricks either, in the same way that power-stations and electric cables are not the magic either. It's the actual power of the electricity that people want, not more equipment or more complex processes.

Simplicity is a Saint! Use digital best practice in order to seamlessly communicate your value in digital space without the complexity and confusion inherent in am overly complex tactical world.


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