John Deacon

Digital Strategy Coach & Tactical Performance Consultant

I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs master digital space both personally and professionally. It;s a medium that impacts and extends both mental and physical capacities of the human being.

I work in the visionary dimension, and with the critical point of change when perceiving current reality in suspension with vision as a holistic point of view. Learn more about my programs, models, and systems by clicking on the button below.

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Turnkey entrepreneurial business management, marketing, and sales systems empowering individuals.

Vision precedes execution. We help you crystallize a powerful vision to project into your digital presence.



Contextual value creation and meta-coding of strategic digital communication assets for amplified impact.

We capture the critical essence of your value and trans-code it into digital terms. Turn authentic value into resonant messaging, and amplify strategic communication.




Contextual content design and engineering for resonant marketing and sales performance.

Our framework provides a value centric content framework with context arranged in a semantic pattern arrangement to support authenticity and trust.


More about me

Cybernetic Content Engineering, Contextual Design, and Systems Feedback Development.

I am not an inventor of words, but merely a composer of meanings using words already existing. We humans are the masters of pattern, weaving concepts into meaningful form in order to create contextual relevancy. We specialize in the art of constructing a unique point of view which is a deep and far reaching resonance beyond words, expressed in our values as far as the alphabet and its inherent visual form allows.

Superseding the limited framework of linear form, we can now construct linkages that give the discovery a parallel image and resemblance to the complex hidden experience of the physical world, and our mutual agreement of the objects, people, places, and things that make up its structure. Through the words we use to make sense of reality, we can come to agree on the structure and framework within which the word we express are used. A relationship between parts that form perception as an intrinsic mental thought model as a device for meta programming. A model with the capacity to change reality individually, and collectively.

We know that you can sense how fast this digital age of information is moving people between different reality tunnel and words that describe concept never uttered before and leaving many with a dislocated perception of the validity of these concepts within the larger whole, and its relationship to ground reality.

The human 'race' is under pressure to assimilate a reality controlled by information technology while making sense of evaluating productive skills and critical knowledge needed to anticipate and manage an emergent world.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a process of navigation, of observing the right functions, orientating outcomes towards the oncoming wave of systems change brought on by technology, and making a decision (where most entities and people are stuck) to empower actions collectively in the unit, family, organization, community, nation, or world citizen towards shared values.

There is no complexity other than the stubborn nature of positional gain, and through the understanding of resonant technology the overarching path of simplicity can be realized. The path is simple but the attachments are great. The real challenges we face are the limits within the mind.


My Mission

Cyber Systems Digital South Africa is a conceptual institution, formed in digital space. In the nature of mind and internet technology which implies - psychic extension; and where real world worth and value resides in the purposeful linkage and connection between figure and ground reality.

We're simultaneously experiencing and experimenting through digital research & development which started from our own journey and path to understand and communicate effectively in a digital medium.

We view transformation as a process of switching in nature and spirit to new earth values where the effects of our thoughts and actions impact the greater whole. That critical focus on the simple path to results and success.

It is the aim of the transition process, which we encapsulate by the term 'transformation', to navigate new territory, which cannot be compared or likened to 'ground' as reality.

The digital sphere is more like a planet, like earth, but with no ground; only water; however things don't sink or drown, bur rather float away out of view far from being relevant or perceived.

It would surprise us to know that a tug of war exists between physical reality and digital space. The one exudes, the other absorbs. It's not a bi-directional movement but rather a one way sucsion or draw.

Understanding our role in the process and the effects of the digital sphere, orb, or space in physical reality and being allows us to position and present our value in a space already transformed.



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