Walter Russell describes in his own words how the mind should mirror the state
of a Deep Well of Still Water to be in the Zone of the Creator and Creativity.


(Walter Russell's Voice From 1953)

“The deep well of still water.

Contains all of the elements of still water.
But it does nothing until it's set in motion.
Pump it out and set in into motion and it will do things and it will perform work.
Do many other things, to pump it out and set it in motion.
A deep well of water, the mind that what should be a deep well of still water
The electrical pump that we call our thought waves
Is inserted into that deep well and extended from it in our waves of thinking
But we should not extend or try to extend that which we do not know
Because as soon as we do, we find ourselves depending
not upon the deep well of water which is the fulcrum of our existence
but our memories stored upon our brains
Memories of experiences, memories of experiments, memories of all sorts of things
impressed upon the brain and the brain is merely a store house of memories of senses
impressed upon them by the eyes seen something and photographing it there
the body feels something, photographing that memory upon the brain
until we have a vast store house of memories of observation of the senses.
photographed upon the brain and than instead of really thinking or knowing and thinking
a concept we get to a point where our concept is, no matter how simple it is
distinctive and go back to God the one.
but we forget it and we'll we start talking a thought about it
and then we think we're thinking when we're only electrically sensing
by pulling out from our brains the memories that are there
and we go on and on and on, wasting time…”

Audio excerpt from his illuminating 1953 lecture on CD titled:
“Cosmic Life from the Mind”.