The United States should do what it can to promote values of human rights and democracy, but there are cultural and economic obstacles. There is resistance by Islam and Confucian cultures to accept western ideas because they come from very different cultural traditions.

Wake up your time is over, the influence of the west is only going to decline further in the future. With the rise of Trump as noted in a recent video, there is predicted the consequently a global recession.

The future is developing along cultural lines as Samuel Huntington describes which naturally includes conflict being developed along cultural fault lines between the worlds biggest cultural entities – which are civilizations.

List of Civilizations:

  1. The West – North America and Western Europe
  2. Islam as a civilization
  3. Orthodox of which Russia is the leading state
  4. Chinese civilization
  5. Hindu civilization
  6. Japan classified as its own civilization
  7. Latin America
  8. African civilization

The unites states should recognize this in its own interest – the euphoria since the fall of the berlin wall have for all practical reasons disappeared – the vision for a new world order that this is going to be a world where western ideas of liberal democracy and capitalism would usher in a new era of harmony.

Nation states act out of national interest and will continue to do so – how are they defining national interest?