November 30, 1994 Washington DC. Second Panel. Upgrading their original conception of the European Triangle development policy, Mrs. LaRouche develops the concept of the Eurasian Landbridge which has now become a reality with the creation of the BRICS organization (Brazil Russia India China South Africa) and the global Belt and Road Initiative by the Chinese.

Zepp-LaRouche outlined the role her husband had played in developing the proposal for a European “Productive Triangle” when the Berlin Wall came down, a development he himself had foreseen. “Lyn had a vision in jail of the ‘Productive Triangle' as a way of integrating and developing these countries,” Zepp-LaRouche said. (The “Productive Triangle ” is the industrial region roughly encompassed by Paris, Berlin, and Vienna as the vertices of a triangle.)

Although the industries in Bohemia and Saxony in the East were not of an international standard, they were productive, she said. It was the genius of her husband to have seen that integrating them as a part of an overall productive apparatus in Central Europe would create the preconditions for producing that which was needed for the economic reconstruction of Russia, Ukraine, and other areas of the former Soviet Union. “If German Chancellor Helmut Kohl had made a Christmas address on this issue, it would have quickly become reality.”

The other side is presented in the efforts of the British monarchy and similar Malthusian quacks and their proposals at the Cairo Conference for radical population reduction.