John Deacon

I create a stable digital business platforms as an alternative to the traditional brick and mortar presence.Other than designing digital products and services I gain the most joy helping customers and clients create a personal digital transformation strategy and digital presence focused on a customer centric value proposition.

  • Digital Automation Experience

    With experience in digital automation from industrial instrumentation design and implementation to digital search engineering and media intelligence, John Deacon has a passion for helping solopreneurs establish, position, and grow a profitable digital presence through strategic consulting.

  • Digital Media Experience

    He has worked with media agencies and a select group of private individuals aimed at producing profitable digital assets through customer centric value driven communications. John has passion for natural language processing and perpetual search traffic results that filter value and qualified prospects through highly targeted sales pages.

  • Digital Vision Development

    I have two solutions below that takes up all my work time. The first project is aimed at cognitive empowerment plus removing 100% of the technical interfacing environment to managing a digital asset for business. And the other which will ultimately morph into the first - a state of the art digital communications asset for digital sales and marketing incubation.

A Clear Path Through Complexity

The digital space we’re colonizing as individuals with personal and business needs is a complex situation; and it’s becoming increasingly common that people get trapped in technical structures that keep them bound. This is where I come in to untangle the complexity so that a clear and simple path opens up for you in the days and weeks ahead.

I've discovered through personal strife that it is near impossible to run a business as an entrepreneur which is demanding on an individuals time and energy, while at the same time investing into other people's business in the form of equal time and energy. We just don't have that much capacity or time to 'do it all'.

Fortunately we have a superpower - digital automation which allows us to turn time and energy into an investment where we can show others how what we know can be applied to help each of them to do it themselves. It's only when we realize the power of our position as the center of reality do things change. And I am here to assist you in this change.

In order to show you what I've discovered required incredible suffering and sacrifices on my part, and I do not wish the same thing on you, but rather to buffer or spare you the complex relationships you get involved in when accessing the digital sphere.

If you're stuck with myriads of ideas streaming through your head then realize that you may be stuck, just like I once was. At some point something breaks and we realize that this current moment in time is all we have in order to act, and change the world we find ourselves in.

Realize this and let it sink in: We can't do it ALL, even if we want to and think we could. Attention and focus is the key to turning dreams into true creative acts.

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