They say one should never explain why something important is important for a few reasons.

1. You'll waste time and energy on deaf ears, those who are not ready to listen and won't do anything about it. They want to be spoon fed information and basically ordered or commanded what to do.

2. because understanding the why will give you the sense of understanding and with that a feeling of accomplishment without having done anything. Your motivation drops and your ability to will your body into expending the energy decreases significantly.

So that leaves us with only the facts – and here they go.

Information and Memory

Digital information storage and retrieval is based on the qualities of intelligence and memory. Our ability to store information, and to process information into meaningful patterns and relations.

Search Retrieval

Information retrieval and intelligent search kick-started the internet and it will always be the frontier of processing intelligence. And combined with the processing capability of the human brain and mind the possibilities limitless.

Instant Effects

Searching memory at speed and at scale is the cutting edge of research – the digital artist in the moment of creation with no barrier to reach and touch the masses at large.


All bits digital are symbolic and mathematical in the form of languages both human spoken and machine coding. Search just like coding software is a process of linguistic refinement to bridge the gap between value and acceptance.

Search engine optimization (SEO) consists of optimizing for search in both technical and linguistic terms. The linguistic essence of communication is the heart of SEO, and the technical bits merely the outwards manifestation.

In other words, there is the machine code in digital form and then the channel of spoken language itself that needs to be communicated between sender and receiver.

The expression of value in linguistic and mechanical terms are a marriage between two worlds and forms of communication to bring a blend of both creator of value and retriever of value using search the medium of transaction exchange.

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