History of Human Creation and Sumerian Mythology
By Mohammad Saiful Islam | Jul 5, 2017

This incident is known to all people about how people came to earth. Because the original human beings and human beings came to the world, we can only know in the light of the scriptures. Apart from Darwin's evolution, there is no way to prove the fact that there is a story written in mythology or scripture. Yet the stories written in the scriptures are most trustworthy to humans. But mythology does not mean the scriptures. Mythology is created by itself, and it has been spreading in the face of the people for ages. There are very few things in the world that do not have mythology. There is no lack of methyls for this man-made. But the Sumerian mythology is a little more impressive. Because this story has been found in 1600 BC, from the engraved tangle blade! These fruits, known as ‘Sumerian Clay Tablets', have been engraved on the history of human creation. But let's know what the Sumerians thought about human evolution.

Evolution of Sumerian civilization

Sumerian civilization was the most advanced and advanced among the various civilizations of the ancient times. You can understand their unimaginable progress when you know that the Sumerians had their own strong language, with their written and sophisticated forms! Sumerian civilization developed in about 4500 BC This civilization develops in the region called Sum, which is known today as Iraq. According to scholars, the Sumerian civilization was one of the fastest growing civilizations in the world. Sumerian civilization was a major step forward in knowledge and science than any civilization during that period. They were proficient in mathematics, physics, alchemy, astronomy, etc. Moreover, the architecture of architecture in the Sumerian civilization is astonishing in today's world. Interestingly, according to the Sumerian mythology or mythological history, there was a god for each city of theirs! Their religion was formed in the form of hundreds of gods and goddesses who lived with the people of the world!

Old Sumerian Clay Tablets

At the end of the last century, the archaeological excavation discovered the oldest city of the Sumerian civilization in Mesopotamia region. The name of the city is ‘Niyapur', which was built around 5000 AD in the Sumerians. Archaeologists from the Nippah find the clay tablets made of three and a half thousand years old ‘clay tablets'

The Iridu Genesis

When the earth was created a long time ago, the environment was not suitable for human habitation. Science tells us that the earth was heated at the beginning of creation and no life here was possible. For a long time, the earth's heat has cooled down and people including other animals are habitable. But Sumerian myths refuse to accept it.

According to the story written in the clay tablet, after the creation of the earth, the gods came down from heaven to the earth. He started his world of living. But the amount of work was so much that the gods scared! Do the gods shake? I understood that the frown was crooked? What to do, Sumerian mythology at least so! However, he is the chief among the gods, whose name is ‘Anu'. Everyone was less loyal to him. He told the gods, there is no need to work on earth again. All of them should be in heaven. But his son ‘NKI' (Goddess of the city of Iridu) gave an alternative idea. NK told his father Anu that he should create something that would remain loyal to the gods and do all the necessary things on earth. It seems that Anur was thinking about Anur.

That's the idea that he's working. An animal will be sent to the earth whose name will be man. Deities consulted and decided that the size of the human form would be their own. There is nothing to be surprised, there are many other theories that humans have created in the form of his creator. The most difficult example is the Bible. Whatever a person is dedicated to creating man! His blood and kadamata brought from the earth are made together by people. There are also matches with scriptures. For example, it has been said that in the holy Qur'an people should be made from soil. On the other hand, for the first time, the work of making man is done in the goddess of heaven in Eden.

But Eden also has another meaning. It is an ancient Sumerian word meaning flat terrain. So many people think that the Klee Pele did not mean the heaven of the Eden gods, but it was meant to be a city of ancient Mesopotamia. The city also mentions ‘epic of Gilgamesh'. Its location is somewhere in the tigris and Euphrates rivers.

However, there is a short history of the evolution of the Sumerians to the human history. But it's not a fun thing to say. When Anu created man, he had no gender, that is, neither male nor female. Because Anu did not create any reproduction organs in her. However, for the different needs of the gods, the human beings have changed, the change. And Nike and his sister goddess Noki did the change. Thus, once the whole human being became the first person ‘Adapa' (Adam or Adam). Begins human evolution

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