“Emotions have become increasingly important in our time, in all realms of social reality. This active presence of the affective dimension of the person is revealed in its common presence as the subject of research in many fields of knowledge. This is reflected in Media and Communications studies, and specifically in relation to the use of digital technology, where a keen academic interest in emotions can be observed. This paper maps the field of study where emotions and digital technology converge. An overview is presented of research conducted in two main areas: On the one hand, emotions linked to the use of technology (especially mobile phones) and, secondly, the Internet as a space in which emotions are activated and expressed. I conclude that technology not only arouses emotions in users and serves as a channel for the expression of affection, but also influences the way in which this affection is modulated, played out and displayed. This configuration, I argue, has consequences for the construction of identity of a person.” 

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