– The mobile devices we now use to collect our thoughts and memories don’t care whether we compose using words or images or sounds or all three.
– I believe the act of writing will always be, as writer Don DeLillo describes it, a concentrated form of thinking.
– I think most students realize, in the end, that no matter the medium, the heavy lifting of real thinking can’t be avoided
– There are at least two that have been getting a lot of attention the past couple years. One, which tends to go viral — no doubt because it’s such a pleasure to experience — is the video essay made up entirely of clips from previously released films, often held together and enriched by a sustained voiceover track.
– Maybe we’re hungry for films that make us do more than “feel” — we want to think, too, and we want to act on our convictions.
– What these filmmakers have in common is a knack for making smart, literate films that invite the viewer to co-create meaning. Most films today don’t leave any room for the viewer’s imagination. The smallness of the video essay, the fact that it tends to be the work of a single author or just one or two collaborators, can result in a work that’s less interested in a commercial payoff and more interested in asking difficult questions of others and of ourselves.

Source: http://www.northwestern.edu/newscenter/stories/2013/07/the-video-essay-celebrating-an-exciting-new-literary-form.html