So this report talks about empathy in the form of empathizing with someone in pain. i.e. the experience of pain and the observance of pain being experienced.

I am not sure how much of this study is helpful to the action of individuals but sure, it informs an understanding of how it happens. But compared to the present moment, current reality afford little time to think about how your brain functions when you need to use it.

Imagine wanting to cut an apple and then reaching for a knife to figure out how it manages to cut the apple – you will never get your apple cut.

So we know that there are different interactions within the brain that are rooted in experience and the other from a non-expereincial and observers perspective which we can loosly call our connection to the other while observing, our live-link with consciousness.

The comment goes in the article goes to sayL: “… empathy is a deliberative process that requires taking another person’s perspective rather than being an instinctive, automatic process.”

Empathy in digital commerce

If there is one thing we have learned then it's this fact: empathy is the cognitive key to digital marketing and yes, empathy isn't “instinctive or automatic” – the highest paid commercial writers in the world of advertising are empaths – and it can be developed.

As stated in the article: “Empathy is a key cornerstone of human social behavior, but the complex neural interactions underlying this behavior are not yet fully understood.” A slight correction to this might read that it's not understood by science per se.

The framing comment of this report seems to be:

“The results suggest that within the brain, the experience of observing someone else in pain is neurologically distinct from that of experiencing physical pain oneself.”


“The results may open new avenues of inquiry into how the brain regions involved in empathy help humans to relate to others when they experience different types of pain.”

How does this apparently funded research help people living in the moment? How is this realization that we know in practice inform theory and how does it benefit the human race at large?


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