Cybernetes is the helmsman who steers your awareness while unconscious – the forces balancing your attention. Gaining control is a matter of building power through attention. The heart of each being is a cyber delusion that is driving them to do the good and bad things that they do during their existence. To quote: “Cyber delusion comes from the Greek cybernetes, meaning “the helmsman”: he who steers the ship and constantly adjusts the tiller of the ship in response to the information obtained from the environment. The helmsman is the cyber delusion or fixed idea that steers the ship, the sum of the personal conscious and unconscious. Most people are only partially aware of the conscious part of their life and completely unaware of their unconscious forces, so the core delusion, hidden and roaming in the vast unconscious darkness, steers and dictates the ego, master of the conscious (the tiller).”

Source: Cybernetes – The Helmsman Steering Your Vessel