For years I tried to make sense out of the conundrum of work, career, and physical reality, hoping that digital business had the answer. I was wrong.

Having spent years as a digital entrepreneur, technical service provider, and delving into digital research for 5 solid years, I have made peace with the truth.

Digital space is shifting ground – there is no anchor point, no solid ground to stand on. It's a world of innovation and rapid change. It's an arena.

Digital space is not ground based – it's a space outside of your body, made up of mental and emotional energy, while machines make the flow fast and easy.

Digital space is like a body added to your already complex physical and mental bodies. It's an extension of your soul, just like a physical involvement extends your reality.

If it's not where your body is, it's not permanent, and it's a temporary current or electric river your're paddling between destinations.

Digital media technology is a shipping lane for bridging the gap between mental and emotional bodies world wide without the necessity of close physical proximity.

It's the physical immobilization of your body and the mental expansion through patterned interactions with a world observed through man made representation; as opposed to the natural world.

To be continued…