I've been involved in the digital communications realm since 1996, when the internet was fresh. Back then I was designing instrumentation networks consisting of analogue and digital signals. It's amazing how we have moved so fast and it's scary to think the Internet is now 25 years old.

Little did we know back then that the whole world and all it's information would migrate into the digital realm and sphere of influence under the name of information science and systems. But let's not forget the primary value here which is that light is information, you are information.

It's no coincidence that earth and life itself is sustained by the light of the sun and that all information is light. In the beginning God separated dark from light – information is pure light – and life is a filter that channels the relevance of life revealed in the moment of living it. All communication is light revealed.

Because the internet is a highly personal space of light exchange between individuals it is both the greatest opportunity and the greatest travesty for civilization as we know it. We have the greatest opportunity to create value and free the bonds that hold us pinned down instead of sheepishly consuming information to no end.

This is the critical point of change – what you need to know in order to transform the old legacy life into a dynamic living experience is already available to you; and herewith the pitfall or warning: the internet is built, you don't have to continue building it – it's now time to create value.

It is our intention to empower your journey with the digital knowledge and skills to free the trap – to become what you already know you are. While the world of east/west is breaking down and identities lost, a new avenue is ripening for value creation and identity transference.

Our goal at CyberKinesis is to empower you for transformational change from the inside out – and it starts by seeing digital communication technology as an extension of you in order to reach others. It's not a optional choice but a necessary one for you and the generations to follow.

Our goal is to digitize our living experience into memories to recall, relive and remember.