As far as I can tell, everything we pay attention to comes at a price. There are some hard facts of life that are so simple to know but so complicated to work out.

We have 24 hours in a day – that's it!  Mostly, the days repeat themselves – picture a Groundhog Day of repetitive sameness – until that light bulb moment when you realize that hey, you CAN actually accomplish something in time, as long as you respect it.

Time is commonly broken up and converted into money e.g. working a job, trading time for money. It's a slog when you equate time for value – a hellhole of existence where counting time never ends and escape proves complicated to figure out. I know, I've been there.

When looking at the cost of doing business you need to factor in the time involved. Some of my dearest friends became entrepreneurs to escape the time for money trap, only to build themselves a permanent jail called “my business” – unable to switch off and experience the richness life has to offer – but believe me, they have it on their list.

Carefully consider how you spend your time – become more self-observant and analyze the action you perform in moving yourself forward in life. What are you focused on?

We can trade our time for money or we can trade it for value. Rarely can time and money be measured in terms of value because it's so abstract.  However, it is clear that the increase in value relates to the quality of its subject.

It is no surprise that the largest misconception of value is mistaking it for time and money itself and not the object of its evaluation which would be expressed in value terms.

The quest of the entrepreneur is to shift their perspective from time for money to value for money – this shift can be thought of in various aspects from which ideas come. Entrepreneurs typically have many ideas but their challenge is bringing these ideas into full expression, to manifest in matter.

If you trade time for money then you place your value on time and money.  These are concepts that when matched, could spell out anything, hence the ever elusive search for value amongst new entrepreneurs who imagine that a great idea and funding will result in sure success.

Time = Money = Energy = Time
Time can be traded for money
Money can be traded for time
Money can be traded for Energy
Energy can be traded for Money
Energy can be traded for Time
Time can be traded for Time

I know this is simple but the exercise demonstrates that you need to have clear concepts of what Time, Money and Energy are in order to understand their relationship fully.

As mentioned, the Quest of the Entrepreneur is to self-realize and create something with only these elements being freely available – the understanding that traded or taking action is the operative word in the relationship.

The digital landscape has given us a world much larger in scope than earth itself in comparison with our ability to move and create things. Digital space is a form of mind-space that allows us to create at the cost of expanding digital memory.

The legacy of our current civilization is our desire to encase ourselves in technology and to record the memory of our experience – the expansion of virtual digits and the collective mass contribution to creating content.

Did you know that at last count – 2016 – 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute?  Let that sink in. That is a staggering 30,000 per hour – 720,000 per day – 21,900,000 per month – 262,800,000 per year.

There isn't enough time to watch it all – it needs processing – curation and digitizing in all its diverse forms.

With the digital reality we are immersed in, we fortunately have about enough time to figure out what value to develop or offer and put process automation to work for the human individual.