I've observed myself for the past 4 years recording, documenting, researching, studying and making connections looking at the past in my own life, mapping mind and balancing experiences as far back as I can remember. ‘Clear thinking' is an interesting concept because one can find the tiniest of facets or hairline cracks in one's own story that upon reflection becomes worth examining.

Once we become interested in ourselves in the way of ‘knowing ourselves' the topic might change but the interest remains. I guess we want others to view us as interesting the same way as they require us to be interested in them. But when you become interested in yourself as the subject or ‘object' of study a peculiarity arises – a sense of mystery.

The mystic is an artist in the field of experience, moving forward into the known-unknown with only the knowledge obtained through knowledge and experience. Somehow we are all connected and to the same degree live in our own reality bubbles. Some floating far above on high and others firm on the ground. Digital life needs grounding.

As spiritual beings we are encapsulated in the experience of our bodies. There is truth that the medium we communicate in is our body as a vessel. Further we can even extrapolate our recognition of ourselves as spirit within a body that is influenced by internal and external elements.

Our control over these elements is ultimately the experience we remember and our realization of becoming conscious of reality being consciousness itself. We are all connected to levels of consciousness through our awareness. Some will read these words and confusedly turn away, others will drink.

Being conscious that consciousness is a level of awareness in itself requires control of thought. You next actions or inactions will require decision and action. Not everyone is conciously aware of all the decisions they make or automatically make, implied through their behavior which can be clearly witnessed.

Which conscious actions will you take next. All happens in the flash of a light continuously in time, synaptic responses flashes of thought. The level of control we have over these thought processes and influences will determine the level of accuracy or elevation of view with which we can steer or avoid obstacles in living our life.

Did you know that 99.9% of the all people living have no steering mechanism, map or navigational instruments to find dry ground? Our lives are a mess and we all know it. The world is in trouble and we prefer to know it  not. There are people dying but yet we strive for the comforts of life in promises that were made to ourselves or others.

Gaining more control over digital reality and our lives is not a leap of faith or a dive into the depths, it's a gradual and incremental feeling of renewed strength, energy and possibility. Imagine turning away from the worries of the future, the uncertainty of movements – and we see a reversal of ambition and status, a return to a world that's real.

Concepts are dying, we are finding the Light – and the light shines within and illuminates your path.