Just because I am good at doing the technical work, doesn't mean I should run a business doing it. The tactical short term temptations of the easy money or quick fix.

Early adopters of the internet were very technical people caught up in the thrill, and still are. Most are now onto blockchain, draining their life savings hoping for the miracle ‘find', and the illusion of currency shifts debt into unplanned territories.

Just because we can, doesn't mean we should. That is the conundrum of innovation. We keep thinking that the magic is in the new, when in fact we've buried the treasure underneath the rubble of ignorance.

I love building websites, and giving expression to ideas but that doesn't mean I enjoy expressing the ideas of others. This idea of service that says you shouldn't be so selfish and serve yourself, put your plans on hold and serve others.

The internet service industry is a strange place where the majority of stakeholders are those technically good at what they do, and they sell their services to others doing technical things. Most started out with hopes of building their fortunes, but realized soon that selling to others what they have learned to do to be easier, the quick cash.

The big mistake people make is trusting a technical person with more than the technical requirements. Billions of dollars are traded in the service industry every year between agencies and customers, the former selling the tactical trick and the latter buying the quick fix.

Technical is Tactical, standing apart from Strategy, as much as strategy is separated from Vision, and in turn it all forms part of the Mission.

Sometimes we think the easy money is in the doing of things for others, the services we provide that others cannot do.

When technical services (tactical actions) are seen as the only requirement for online presentation, a grave error is made.

There is this massive gap in understanding between the customer and technical team when tactical considerations are in focus.

Tactical execution is the last check on the list, before action starts. Tactical work is empowered simply by an overarching awareness of the mission to measure results, and to fuel actions with the vision of the outcomes over the course of involvement, and the perceptual image being presented through the work itself.

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Photo by Jefferson Santos on Unsplash