You don't know what the future brings, but you can direct the path to a high degree of accuracy if you can adapt and flow with the present change.

Good marketing does not cast a future result prediction, but speaks to the current moment of decision making.

What is the receptiveness of a message, the responsiveness of an AD, or the persuasiveness of copy, without the delicate backdrop of digital presence as the mediator of attention towards what relevant.

The reality is that what works better is the ability to direct attention, not to things that matter, but what to do in this place where we find ourselves together – in an overwhelming avalanche of presence.

All users of this addictive presence have only one dilemma, where to go next and what to do to find the liberation that is resonantly felt within it's currents.

To simply create the context, and to tie relevance for the present action towards a vision of the result desired, can lead a lost or stuck user to make a decision that direct the action towards a conclusion.

Untying and untangling the confusion that divergent change actors have created requires the convergent focus of a magnifying lens held to the light where all ambiguity can be burned and dissolved.

To do this we simply need to help others find themselves within our context, and point to the structure than binds them, and keeps them confined to the patterns of the past.