We can only express in the physical form, and all forms are transitory between states of being – the rubber meets the road at the level of ground reality, that place where you experience the physicality of being and the ability to seize the present moment and express through action.

Loss are reflections on the past of opportunities lost to love in physical form – love not being an Act, but the thought of a series of action that are now lost in time, and committed to reflections on observations etched in the past, memory.

Emotional investment that fuel future reflections is an asset of all manifestations expressed and unrealized, a multi polar awareness reaching into the deep well of unconsciousness through the human instruments involved.

We reward each other with the ability to distinguish, to attached and detach driven by values that configure themselves though living over time to become the current reality the physical body and its environment is immersed in, and affected by.

How blessed are we that we can give each other the gift of gain and loss to become more sophisticated in our living values from a personal, professional, and universal point of view.

Life is a gift of experience, a gift of perceived loss, with treasures to gain.