[McLuhan was writing about “disruptive technologies” fifty years before tech startups started using the term as a selling point for whatever new app they’ve unleashed upon the world. And while few now draw the connection, McLuhan’s notion of the medium being the message is at the heart of contemporary worries about how Facebook and Twitter are shaping our lives.]

McLuhan is an oasis of clarity looking in on the effects of media and civilization as ‘thing' – representing ‘being' as if the effects are globally manifest for all alike – like notion of ‘mass media', ‘mass consumerism', or ‘mass thinking'. As if there is such a .thing'.

Maybe an oversimplification – McLuhan mapped the classical understanding of mystical reality onto the electric universe thus creating an observational foothold for anyone willing to step into his shoes.

Few public intellectuals have influenced the way we talk about communication more than Marshall McLuhan. Best known for the phrase “the medium is the

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