To state it simply: Marshall McLuhan's work describes best that a ‘medium' whether technological or psychological, amplifies the intentional or attentional awareness and in both cases creates and maintains a space of perception in the conscious and unconscious mind of the observer – the medium is the message and the content but a figure with invisible ground.

“This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium — that is, of any extension of ourselves — result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.” ~ McLuhan

The effect most disturbing is the loss of visual and perceptual space in the mind and the surrender of this capacity to external technology – in effect being the physical extension of sense perception and literally boxing up point of view we call screens. The ability of the individual to think out of the box becomes hampered.

The most shocking fact about the effects of digital technology decades after McLuhans appearance is the speed and depth of media communications control. We are now moving into an ero where the human capacity for thinking will be augmented with structural choices – limited by the box.

The human soul is in a fight for survival as environment shifts from nature further boxed within the environment of technology. Literally encased from the word up and to the point where the world of ideas are hard to sense and retrieve. Where goals have become meaningless and the vision wiped out.

The agenda of humanity has been to store memory and to remember through information retrieval – this is the reality of this day 2017. Google, the memory retrieval giant of information organization quite delicately putting the critical mind to work, or to play.

Digital media can wipe out your mental capacity, this is true – it can also boost it to new levels of configuration and role creation – it depends how you choose to use it. You can create intentional value for attentional gain or be absorbed by the mass hypnosis and trance of media consumption.