Mandela was our President in South Africa till 1999 and passed away in 2013.

The memories of many people aren't reliable when audio and visual information storage criss cross creating inaccurate retrieval and memory, ending in confusion. Even more reason to use the digital medium to file our memories and living experience for later retrieval. The world is slowly losing its mind.

The Mandela effect sounds like code for Media effect(s) – referring to its brainwashing or hypnotic nature. The world is an illusion (screen induced coma that the occultists called somnambulism – one of many effects) as you know, but it's manifestation is in the collective behavior of people and their concepts. So the illusion isn't only optical it's also sense awareness and memory.

The Mandela (Media) Effect

The Mandela (Media) Effect

The Mandela Effect is like singing words to a song that you thought were true and when you find out the words are actually something different you just shut up about it because you wouldn't want to expose yourself. You might tell your best friend.

The only difference is that people are believing what they have heard second hand, and not checking their facts. They just vote together or are easily persuaded to another persons view. A fact that you mis-took (miss-take). Like lyrics, like geography, like facts misconstrued or bent out of shape by media in all forms and influences. The powers and principalities.

As far as Mandela is concerned: He became our president in 1994. Under “media” our experience was that Mandela was locked up in South Africa’s equivalent of Alcatraz called Robben Island, together with a horde of other political prisoners who at the time were aligned with communist support. We also had sanctions imposed on us for decades, initiated by the UN and the US. South Africa was rich, powerful (like Israel). We did military service and government ran public corporations. The whites held the black majority in a labor class without any rights of democratic say. Like Australia.

What the world was exposed to was propaganda. So maybe the media told the rest of the world that Mandela died in prison tied to some political agenda.

The fact is that Mandela was released from prison when our era of apartheid ended through political pressure and a disadvantaged majority that were becoming more militant, strategically organized by outside financial support. We were on the brink of civil war.

Our apartheid government handed over power in 1994 when I was 23 years old, a student at the local university and working part time to afford my beach facing apartment. The Apartheid government and the ruling white class handed over the reigns in a transition period to the black empowered leadership at the time. The black ruling party was called the ANC (African National Congress) of which Nelson MANDELA was the leader. He became the new president of South Africa (1994-1999).

At the time, the transitioning presidents were F.W. De Klerk and Nelson Mandela who both shared the Nobel Peace Prize. So what people in America or any other place in the world remember about what they watch on TV (the illusion) and listen to on Radio they would know the facts. So the Mandela Effect is most likely an effect on Millennials or generally people who believe stuff without checking the source or facts. I always go all the way down to the root word and its linguistic significance – when I’m in doubt. So, thought you might find the context valuable – I think it’s on purpose to obscure the word Mandala or people are really idiots and the world is in trouble.

The Mandela Effect is Brain Washing (Media Effects) or those who agree with it are buying into the illusion – your memory doesn't serve you well because it's filed incorrectly. The key is attention and observation which is a skill lost or acquired over time.

People are waking up to the illusions present in their lives that have been induced through cultural programming and media. As they discover they learn.

The discovery of truth is not  a race to the top, it’s a bouquet of roses with thorns that hurt.