When you're ‘plugged in' to the digital sphere your thoughts need to be directed into digitization. Time does not exist, you're ‘coding' digital memory both figuratively and literally.

Innovation happens in the moment when thought flows, when thoughts are directed and intentional creation takes place. You can't plan for it but you can create the setting that enables creative thought.

When You're Using Digital Chat

Try to keep the conversation going like a thought process – those who respond too infrequently and sporadically lose the cycle of creative momentum in resolving an issue or getting their point across due to lack of context.

Coming back to chat a day or two later means that the thought has moved on and you're no longer in the same state of being – this poses a problem to creative resolution.

Digital chat is intention driven – not attention dependent.

The digital transformational world is realizing this through their struggles, but they're tied to work cycles and legacy hardware and email systems which puts boundaries around people and innovation.

We all have our own styles of getting the message across with intentional clarity and action. The learning curve is steep because we must integrate digitization as an expression of thought.

See Neo extracted from the Matrix – going from ‘convenience' to ‘survival'. Different mindset that places ‘others doing thing for you' to ‘you doing things for others'.

Digitize with intention, take action!