“Positively, automation creates roles for people, which is to say depth of involvement in their work and human association that our preceding mechanical technology had destroyed.”Marshall McLuhan

The problem that people experience with ‘jobs going away' is that although true, people are also becoming more deeply involved with their work and it's association to human value. This could be described as brining back the human aspect to work – the heart – which was previously destroyed by mechanical technology.

Mechanical processes may have stripped the magic out of the human creative process, but automation is putting the magic right back in through intentional action. We can print a word or sentence electronically at the speed of light.

“The restructuring of human work and association was shaped by the technique of fragmentation that is the essence of machine technology. The essence of automation technology is the opposite. It is integral and decentralist in depth, just as the machine was fragmentary, centralist, and superficial in its patterning of human relationships.”Marshall McLuhan

As I type on extended technology my words become immediately accessible on a universal scale through search (memory retrieval). There is no need to plan and build the facilities required to put a printed page out through a vast geographical network – communication is instant.

Any individual human being with an extension device such as a terminal or device can communicate instantly – I think we all know this – but what most of us don't know is that there is a structured core that guides the way to using digital communication technology to jump from the old structure of reality to the new.