Know that there are foreign concepts in language all around us. Words, language or reference points about things you were not involved in and know nothing about.

We are all confused in this digital world to some degree. We don't know what or how to do something, or where to find the information to lead us. The digital transformation process is a timeous factor in bridging two worlds.

On the one hand we have ‘digital transformation' – this is a world of chaos where change measured by looking behind – illumination blinding the ground. Don't fall asleep.

On the other hand the world is ‘digitally transformed' – and it exists here, in this space of time – the moment you read this, is no different from the moment i'm typing these symbols. That is the space we share.

The First Rule: Value is Time-Sensitive.

Consider VALUE as a time sensitive evaluation. It has a lifecycle. Have you considered your value to this moment in its current form? Consider the physical work in time and energy you can invest in digitizing value for others to consume in just that right moment. Consider the amount of energy and time you can save others through specialized knowledge in the form of skills and direct experience. There is just no possibility for coding rich experience in the form of knowledge and skills into a linear form such as this… the written word. It needs countless versions and many views.

Where to now?
  1. It's always useful to know the value of time…
  2. At some point you need to start so how about rebirth…