The digital world which creates a space in our perception in which we can imagine the connection of things – such as friends through Facebook or access to a treasure of information through Google.

Virtual in this paper shows the realm or kingdom of perception detached from physical reality, like a dream.  And secondly opening up a new form of enhanced real life experience.

The digital (virtual) world enhances the individual with an ability, faculty, capacity and capability that is staggering in the world of digital communications. A digitally skilled individual with the right message can ignite or douse any shared experience.

Digital communication is a power for those who interface with intention and a force for those who have their attention highjacked.

These lifeworlds formed by the relationships between humans and technology are disembodied volatility pockets, like a balloon full of air let go in the air.  Nowhere to anchor – this need to be the case if one looks at anchoring digital to the ground of reality – the Core Alignment Module.

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