Being human means that you're an advanced form of ‘space invader' – cyber-space is a literal creation of the mind, and psyche that is translated into habitable spaces through the tools of technology.

As a cybernaut, it would be worth knowing that the root word naut, from nautes, is the Greek word for “sailor.” And that the root word for cyber is kuber, meaning steersman, or to “steer”.

We see interesting combinations like astro-naut – “star-sailor”. And cybernaut – “steer sailor” or rather practically meaning “navigator”. The sailor of steering. We are all searching for the right information at our finger tips, and we steer with thought and intention, or fall prey to attention hijacking of psychology “marketers”.

Over the years our technological arts and crafts have given us an holistic experience, from hands on graphic design, and content engineering, through to sales automation, and team visionary and technical skills development.

The digital world is a consolidation, a convergence of knowledge and skills, and where specialization is dissolving into automation. The true art form of human beings is the supreme comprehension of a general truth to keep the whole balanced.

It's the very frontier of memory where the delicate shifts and balances of specialized and generalized memory takes place – and as a culmination of experience in the individual, it requires intentional management.

The digital medium empowers individual observation and documentation of reality as we encounter it. If I don't document what I experience, the opportunity is lost. I have seen many years of undocumented work disappear, and there is never enough time to re-create it, time cannot freeze, we move forward.

I believe the “agency model” for digital involvement is obsolete. And the access to the tools of communication on a universal scale has never been this freely available. With the right knowledge and skills every individual can make a profound impact given the desire to reach other human beings.

Our economic freedom is literally at our finger tips, given that the structure of digital reality is understood. Knowing the landscape of this digital market helps identify the attractors for business in terms of mutual value exchange. 

You can plan your strategy by benefiting from the skilled man power that agents bring, and avoid the pitfalls and hard lessons for assigning the wrong kind of work. I have personally seen millions of dollars roll through agencies with very little gain. People doing legitimate, hard work, but achieving no results. Being an agent means doing! It's the WHAT, not the “how” that matters most.

The agency doesn't know what the agency doesn't know, and neither does the agent. Silly mistakes are made by assuming agency owners and clients alike and one of them is assuming that doing the work is enough; when what really matters is the type of work being done. 

The human will as an intentional creative force is unstoppable in any  meaninful direction, and with this focus applied to the digital medium, it's a laser beam for creative success.