Finally — Scientist admit to ‘Another Space’ — but it’s very very far they say — not so — it’s closer than most know. The further we look into space, the further we go back in time to the origin point.

Anything in the psyche of our collective experience is buried in the past. And as the galaxy signaling moves away from us we get a glimmer of past information, even if it's 3 billion years old.

Scientists still don’t know what causes these deep space pulses, but locating the galaxy that spawned one brings us closer to figuring out where they come from.

Consider that it might be the very space they detect so far which is a sign of the faintness of their own beings. Someone once said that the further you look outside the closer you are inside to the ultimate oneness of your being.

But the closer things are the more we separate them, and tear them apart. There is a natural harmony between the thoughts that drive our awareness to perceiving the points of view we that we do.

Our observations are inconsistent with the fast radio burst having a Galactic origin or its source being located within a prominent star-forming galaxy. Instead, the source appears to be co-located with a low-luminosity active galactic nucleus or a previously unknown type of extragalactic source.

We genuinely live in the dimensions of thoughts within the realities we believe and engage in.

But finally, yes, a space so far away but recognized — I’m sure it’s this very space we’re connecting in right now, the psychic medium called digital space. 

The Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) package aboard NASA's Psyche mission utilizes photons—the fundamental particle of visible light—to transmit more data in a given amount of time.