HalloThe digital world is a marvel of the information age. Rampant technological growth have left old structures struggling to regain importance and relevancy.

Organizational structures have become too large and cumbersome to steer. Their directions too slow to respond to rapid change and need for growth. They have fallen behind the leading edge of innovation and the gap of disparity is growing wider.

The individual faces change, not the structure we call organization. Where information presents reality is in the moment of cognition by the individual. The human being.

The individual finds himself in the field surrounded and enveloped by information. Sensing, perceiving, and formulating intentions to act in the world.

Intentions for purposeful individual action is hi-jacked by our need for recording our memory. Oh, how meaningless that we will die with no record or trace of having lived.

We are a race of humans obsessed with accessing and recording our experience in the hope of living. Dreams of eternity in the flesh and everlasting life captures the minds of man. Eternal memory wiping out the thought of certain death.

Isolated by the glowing glass wall we observe, touch, but unable to reach. We peer with anticipation and surprise at a world through a shell of illuminating promise. Minds captured by a light of effortless access to information – unable to see.

Blinded and trapped through a wall of Light.

– If I Could Fly –