What many people don't realize about Digital Transformation is that in order to transform you need to invest time and energy in the form of technological skills to create value and in effect something we can identify as an asset to your life or business. 

If this is a complex thought I'll break it down simply.

Your digital investment needs to be in the form of an asset, not an expense. For it to be an asset, it needs to run very low on fuel, specifically bio-cost.

Your asset should embody a framework modeled on reality i.e. the platform, the process and the content that creates the context of the digital consumer making your product or service relevant, but exactly required to solve a problem or create a result. 

A digital asset sells itself and satisfies the promises made during the sale. Once sold, the product is instantly delivered and the promise fulfilled. Whatever you add to this on top or within is pure love for the transformation brought to your customers lives. 

Transformation is less about a change of view, and more about the clarity of view.