One powerful technique in futures studies to get people to think about potential scenarios is the “future news headlines” game. For example:

  • 2024: Ireland rolls tanks into London
  • 2020: Cash officially outlawed in the United States
  • 2030: Soylent Citizens program assists with healthcare budget crisis

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Alexander Kuskis Garry Trudeau, who I once met when his cartoons were published in book form by Holt, Rinehart & Winston, which I worked for, is very much a '60s guy – like Marshall McLuhan. So, TV is the mass medium he most identifies with. He's of the same generation as the Donald, who also gravitates towards TV and is a master at manipulating the people who run TV (granted that Trump is also a skillful Twitter twit because of his predilection for short outrageous pronouncements). Put Roger Ailes, the Darth Vader of propaganda masquerading as TV news, at Trump's side and we get the formidable TV-Twitter combo that is keeping him close to Hillary in the polls, despite his craziness. Link

Alexander Kuskis TV news still rules the roost: US report
The internet may have killed newspapers, but it hasn't killed TV.
“According to a report on modern media consumption in the US from the Pew Research Centre, 57% of the US population get news often from TV, compared to 38% from online. That means, in the US at least, TV in its two main forms — cable and free to air — still dominate the US population”. Link