“Art of the Prank not only raises awareness of Joey Skaggs and his unique style of art, but will, hopefully, cause its viewers to expect, want, and demand higher standards from the news media.”

“Art of the Prank, by collecting the media hoaxes of Joey Skaggs and showing them to us one at a time, reveals, again and again, how desperate media outlets are for stories, how fallible their reporting can be. This isn’t a matter of objectivity vs. subjectivity in the news. It’s a matter of trust. Can we trust anything that’s being reported to us? Art of the Prank is a reminder that we should be cautious of the media. Just because they’re “professionals” and “news authorities” doesn’t mean they live up to professional or journalistic ideals. That, even if they mean well, they aren’t infallible. If they aren’t fact checking a guy who said he’s created a wonder-drug that cures all human ills…what are they fact checking?”

Official teaser trailer for Art of the Prank, the award winning feature documentary by Andrea Marini about the life of the legendary prankster Joey Skaggs and his…

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