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This is where you place a summary of your post that backs up the headline and gives a taster of what is to come. Remember that the credibility page tells an authentic and honest story about why you are qualified to do something about the situation your prospect is in.

Tip. You may want to keep a journal of thoughts that flow through your daily awareness about the things you've accomplished or are busy achieving however though the journey.

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Identify a problem you overcame along your journey.

Talking about the accomplishments and achievements in your life or in your business track record is only interesting if it is solves a problem your page visitor has and doesn't want, or promises to deliver a result that your visitor wants but doesn't have.

I'm pretty sure that if you looked around you will find others with similar products or services as you and doing a terrible job servicing their customers. You most likely have a deeper insight into certain matters than others, a perfect place to draw distinctions based on value and price. Help your prospective clients or customers survey the field of availability. Help them make good, sound, and logical choices.

If you're interested in additional help, we're offering upcoming value creation workshops and strategic support to amplify the communications value of CyberSchematic.

Your visitor is HUMAN.

Sharing your experience with the value you're offering your visitor. Human connection cannot be fabricated, not even with the best AI. Empathy through human understanding drives the world of digital communication - it happens through an interface shared by humans.

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Give Price Summary

I've been where you are and I've investigated and absorbed everything I could - then I discovered the simple truth - the simple route to success.

You need to pin down your how you've been there and experienced the same difficulties and what you would do now had you known the answer back then.

Value thrives on great communication. The perfect positioning gives wealthy clients what they want and in return the lifestyle you want to the degree you refine your value.

Credibility Statement 1

Pricing is a delicate issue. No matter how valuable you think your solution is for someone else, they are not you.

Credibility Statement 2

There is no point in trying to summarize all you have to offer into one neat page with the perfect headline or image.

Credibility Statement 3

In the same way that someone becomes familiar to you helps the understanding that making content simple in form, not meaning.

The System Measures Trust Building Factors

Various areas of your digital conversation is measured for communications success to strengthen your sales offering over time. You might highlight other areas of interest to your prospects. These other areas are areas your prospect might consider or think about subconsciously. Your job is to help dissolve the decision your customer already made, of 'not buying'.

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