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Your web visitor, if qualified for the value you are putting on offer, has much more in common with you than they realize. You are them, they are you. By showing your visitor how you are the same as them and by having created the product or service you're focusing on are offering to assist them in a part of their journey, whether this is solving a critical problem or enabling a specific result.

TIP You may want to keep a journal of thoughts that flow through your daily awareness about the things you've accomplished or are busy achieving however tough the journey.

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If you identify with your customer, they might see themselves in you.

All we have as individual human beings is the commonality of humanness that ties us together through our hearts. We are here to help and serve one another and there is no reason to build big, go large, or reach wide.

I'm pretty sure that if you looked around you will find others with similar products or services as you and doing a terrible job servicing their customers. You most likely have a deeper insight into certain matters than others, a perfect place to draw distinctions based on value and price. 

If you're interested in additional help, we're offering upcoming value creation workshops and strategic support to amplify the communications value of CyberSchematic.

We are ONE, You and I.

One thing we have come to learn is that the digital age of technology enables us to connect with individuals wherever our value finds them. No need for mass broadcast when the medium is personal. This is where we share additional stories of what we share in common with our prospects to build authentic trust unique to each human being.

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What's Common is True

We can help our prospective clients or customers see how we, in the creation of value, surveyed the field of information and experience to find what we have brought to the table. 

Help others see how you're just the same, but have invested, experienced, lost, and gained for their benefit. When someone I have come to trust shows me the hard work behind the scenes to discover and create an easier path for those to follow, I'm truly humbled.

Value thrives on great communication. The perfect positioning gives wealthy clients what they want and in return the lifestyle you want to the degree you refine your value.

Value Matching #1

We share values with your prospects, and people buy from people who match the values they adhere to.

Value Matching #2

Values are common to all people and we are experiencing a new tribal unity in values recognition.

Value Matching #3

What we share in common we can trust because what we see is what we recognize and accept.

To show how we are the same.

When showing others that we have things in common, we may have the courage to share the challenges we have faced on this journey. These challenges may highlight areas in your prospects life they might have encountered physically or which are subconsciously being processed. 

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