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When making the right claims at the right time to the right person will get them to act and immediately understand the value you bring to attention. When we're experiencing a specific problem the claim for a result tastes as sweet as honey because it makes sense, and because the sound of the claim is exactly what you've been looking for; prompting our visitor to read further.

TIP You may want to keep a journal of thoughts that flow through your daily awareness about the things you've accomplished or are busy achieving however tough the journey.

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Your prospect wants the benefit - bring it on.

Your prospect will ask himself, so what? What's in it for me? Why would I be spending time and energy reading through more pages to find out if this is exactly what I want.

I'm pretty sure that if you looked around you will find others with similar products or services as you and doing a terrible job servicing their customers. You most likely have a deeper insight into certain matters than others, a perfect place to draw distinctions based on value and price.

If you're interested in additional help, we're offering upcoming value creation workshops and strategic support to amplify the communications value of CyberSchematic.

Make your Big Bold Claims - we're waiting...

A claim needs to be BIG and BOLD - you must believe in the benefit you provide; whether providing the solution to that critical problem or amplifying the specific result you promise to enable.

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Claims excite us to action.

Why would your prospect be interested in what you claim you can offer in terms of results. We have heard it all before and need to understand how this is different.

Help your readers and visitors see that your claim is just a logical conclusion of the value you bring and the application of this value to help dissolve a problem your prospect might be aware of, but will get to know as certain results when problems disappear.

Value thrives on great communication. The perfect positioning gives wealthy clients what they want and in return the lifestyle you want to the degree you refine your value.

Logical Claim #1

Your big and bold claim will sound like sweet music and the taste of truth like honey.

Logical Claim #2

Your claim does not sound cliche or unrealistic, but very real in a world that needs your attentional work.

Logical Claim #3

Your claim sparks your visitor to action because the results are exactly what they wish they already had.

When you Claim some Concern.

Making wonderful and generous claims of how you can solve a problem or enable a result will come part and parcel with the concerns arising from the claims. Sure, you may know the truth because you walked the walk, but your prospect has not. Help your prospect map out some of the concerns they will face when making a decision to trust you.

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