Work all sections into groups, assign deliverables and actions. Post group once the large research article (5000-1000 words) has been produced and refined through the CAM considerations. This article is repurposed for trust building purposes in narrative that is highly contextual and aligned with target customer values. With a large article to shape from, diverse shards of contextual snippets form meaningful fodder for social media sharing. Signaling pre-meditated media material to be syndicated through automated marketing tools can be used for constructive purposes. Targeting highly qualified prospects through a planned path into a CRM. That comprises the front end.

All roads lead to Rome, not as an arrival, but as a departure – a pre planned communications network for capturing the interest of highly qualified prospects (for whom the value is a perfect fit and will benefit), versus a reactive analysis of what to do next (which implies you're steering blindly not with a target (goal) in mind but rather looking at the wake as a way to go straight. If you catch my drift.

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To be continued…

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