In the same way that seeing is believing, or seeing is what you get, feeling creates the physical state in which we form our attitudes, live our experiences, and have our being.

What we focus on we attract some say, see what you get others lament, feel what you have, and create your state according to where your attention roams.

The ultimate ground of awareness rests in homeostatic nature of nothing(ness) which is not the ideal state, but the resting point of leverage in the world of creative being.

The deep well of resources comes from a formless world of non-expression, loaded with dynamic potential of latent potency to form reality. The uncreated tension towards the will for expression.

This point, omega point for some, is the fulcrum Walter Russel mentions, and our awareness is the circumabulating movement we feel when moving around our magnetic core and authentic selves.

We are what we create, we are what we think we are, we don't know what we don't know and anything imaginable can be brought into existence without the limitation of the mechanical process.

Who wants to know how we create the states of awareness that accesses the potent creative forces that shapes reality as we find it in the moment?