It's a matter of fact that the digital medium with its attention grabbing qualities creates a very connected world of ambient psychic awareness of everything going on in the moment of living, each reality tailored to the sources of information linked to.

This semantic web of representation which is individually meaningful creates the tribal conditions that media philosophers discuss and ponder over continuously. We live in a structural system being undermined by the nature of information echo chambers and tribal affinities.

Where these groupings in the past were very physically visible, in the form of church gatherings, political rallies, or secret cell meetings, it's now a digital undercurrent to a very static physical world with the promise of cybernetic machine management.

The ground reality might be one way, connected by a traditional centralized system in many forms, from government to households; but the mental understanding of the relationships that form these structures are lost in the moment of information overload.

There is another cybernetic feedback loop that is squarely in the domain of human, the ability to envision and create. This is the domain of the creative individual being with the apparatus and instruments of nature attuned to the present moment of emergent revelation.

The move forward and through the digital machine and technical landscape is the power to imagine and envision a reality that is grounded within the animal and mineral kingdoms that constitute this cyber age.

The human being is the predominant, primary, and centrally empowered force with the machine as tool for creative expression. Let's never ignore the primary source of creation, with which the machine (as secondary source) was enabled, assembled, improved, and made accessible.

The power to envision is trainable, it's a faculty of power within the human dimension of being, and a much forgotten aspect of the divinity within the life of humanity on earth. This is the dimension of critical mass for the effectuation of change in the world as we know it.

The human race is standing at the threshold where a limited set of 2 choices are presented amongst a spectrum of options. To embrace the machine and AI or to shun it as a threat to civilization. It's not that polar, there is a third and weighted choice that combine the best of both.

To be a formidable creative force in your own life, you need to power of vision within a structured reality that makes sense. Vision is powerless without value as its enabler.

It must have value for the the world – for everyone involved.