**No Revolution is Secure Without Re-Education** (1942, H.G. Wells)

[H.G. Wells, Phoenix: A Summary of the Inescapable Conditions of World Reorganization, 1942, Book One, Chapter Seven, “No Revolution is Secure Without Re-Education,” pp. 73-77]

The [Sankey] Declaration [1941] insists upon the duty of the community to ‘render all knowledge available to him . . . easy and prompt access to all information necessary for him to form a judgement upon current events and issues.'

Now this implies a proper training from the outset in the fundamental knowledge and ideas of the new social order contemplated by the Declaration. Every adult man is to have the right to profess and practice any religion not criminally anti-social, however absurd it might be. That is a plain human right, but that does not give any religious bodies that many still be carrying on after the Revolution, the right to deprive the children and young people of the common body of human knowledge and the broad facts of their place in space and time. We can no more such artificially imposed ignorance than we can tolerate children being emasculated or having their eyes put out in the name of some sadistic mumbo-jumbo.

. . .

There can be no objection whatever to adults, for whatever their motive, trying to put this awful nonsense over to other adults if they can. The New World will be a world of complete religious toleration . . . But to catch little children and pump this crazy rubbish into their unprotected minds as fundamental verity is another matter. To admit the ‘rights of the parent' to sacrifice their children to priestcraft or them to the Yoshiwara [the traditional “water-trade” district in Japan, complete with Shinto temples] is intolerable. Until he or she has become an adult, every citizen in the world, parent or no parent, must be taught the plain, clear realities of life. After that — freedom.

That is what the Sankey Declaration of Rights [written by Wells, later serving as the template for the 1948 “UN Declaration of Human Rights”] is saying — but it is said here and now as harshly and unambiguously as possible, to prevent any misunderstanding. The Declaration was the product of considerable concourse of minds, and if it is read rather muzzily it may seem to afford loopholes for the old religious systems to capture future generations of children for sectarian beliefs. But if you will read the document with an alert mind and altogether, you will find that every bolthole win which aggressive bigotry may reassemble its forces has been very carefully stopped . . .

World reconstruction involves nothing less than the re-education of the whole world . . . All this section again is merely a dotting of the ‘i's' and a crossing of the ‘t's' of what is said in the Declaration of Rights. It is necessary to make these fundamental stipulations inescapably plain.

[Wells had been a “protege” of T.H. Huxley, a biologist known as “Darwin's Bulldog.” As a result, he became the “godfather” of Huxley's grandchildren, Julian and Aldous. Julian became a close collaborator of Wells, writing texts with him and, ultimately, founding UNESCO — patterned on Well's 1928 “The Open Conspiracy.” Aldous, on the other hand, fought with Wells and wrote his 1931 “A Brave New World” as a satire on Wells's “utopian” plans.] [The earliest outline of this “new social order” had been provided in Wells's 1905 novel “A Modern Utopia,” in which the “New Samuarai” (later described by Michael Vlahos as the “Brain Lords”) dominated the “World State,” ruling over those dubbed “The Dull” and “The Base.” Wells responded to Huxley's satire with his own 1933 “The Shape of Things to Come,” in which “Wings Over the World” took charge after society had broken down post-war. In 1936, this was made into the movie “Things to Come.” In it Wells, an incandescent anti-Catholic, in part due to the dogged opposition to him from Hiliare Belloc, has the Pope and the the entire Catholic hierarchy “gassed unconscious.”] [In addition to UNESCO, another organization grew in the 1950s, based on Wells's plans: the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. It was launched in 1957 by Leo Szilard &al, author of the 1939 “Einstein Letter” that launched the Manhattan Project, who claimed his invention of the nuclear chain-reaction was a result of him reading Wells's earlier “A World Set Free.” Pugwash expanded and grew unwieldy, so it evolved into the secret “Angel's Project.” This was supposed to be composed of Soviet and American nuclear physicists (akin to the “New Samurai”) and had been approved for secret operation by both Khrushchev and Kennedy in 1963 but was aborted by both Szilard and Kennedy's deaths.]