This is what she wants!

Being brainwashed to think that a digital device is a personal ownership has caused this underworld of communication to be misunderstood.

Stepping back, you can see the emergence of the ‘device' as a personal possession, especially when first we carried a personal phone, then our phone and email, then our whole communications dynamic. Now we have personal lines into the minds and thoughts of individuals.

There is a physical dimension which requires speech and being together to experience a wholeness in physical being. There there is the digital dimension, where each one in addition to their private thoughts have private speech into the worlds of strangers.

Boundaries based on values are required in order to live a fulfilled life. These boundaries are easily eroded by digital communications with its privacy aspect, to the point where a husband wake up one day, discovering that a network of men have been secretly whispering into the ear of his wife.

This is the scary reality of eroding boundaries between psychic projections of the undisciplined mind, and the mental attractions of unrealized ideals unloved and unexperienced thanks to the pervasive onslaught of unbounded digital images, unfiltered, and uncapped.

Privacy rests in the unit, not the individual, just as public requires privacy to function. There are units of infinite possibilities, the world of parts we so love to conceptualize. What matters is each other in relationship of being, physically together, not in thoughts of what we should be or become.

Personal communications devices are in two broad categories, Terminals, and Devices, and require different management skills.

Terminals are technology interfaces we move towards with an intended purpose. Devices are technology interfaces that move towards humans with attentive control.

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