I know independent experts who are excellent at exactly what they do for consumers, who go it alone for a couple of years and then go get themselves a long-term position once again. Generally they'll describe the benefits of that relocation, however the reality for lots of who make that reverse shift from running their own organisation to returning to being utilized is that they were unable to discover sufficient good company to sustain an excellent living as an independent.

They quit when they found that companies don't immediately come knocking at their door for assistance. They forget that their network understands numerous other people who declare to be able to do exactly what they do. The truth is that many independents who are required back into work failed to match their location of competence with digital tools to stand apart from the crowd. They didn't adopt the digital and entrepreneurial state of mind required to be successful as an independent in the digital economy.

This is the truth that lots of people will face, if they do not learn how utilize the new strategies and digital tools that are available to everyone these days. Those that are not opening their eyes up today to the dawn of the 4th commercial transformation, will discover it much more hard to do so tomorrow, because the world is carrying on and changing at a disconcerting rate. And the more you allow it to carry on without you, the harder it'll be to capture up.